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Shopping Center Solution

Shopping Center Solution gives shopping centers, malls and high streets the opportunity of advertising their stores and products online to help reach a wider audience. With our fully developed platform, we can showcase stores, products and sales to thousands of potential customers within your locale and beyond. Shopping Center Solution collects data from every store within your mall and presents each product on ours and your e-commerce platforms. Users can search, filter and locate any product or store easily and will even recieve notifications on any special sales or bargains that may be available at any given moment. With a collaboration with Smartster, we have taken our solution live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and USA.

We believe this will help to boost the declining trend of hight street shopping and bring the online shoppers back into the physical stores. Reaching shoppers directly on their devices will also alleviate the costs of advertising using direct mailing leaflets and billboard campaigns.

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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Reach

Check out what you can do with a Shopping Center Solution!

Digitalize products

Our experienced developers will collect data from every store via a datafeed file which will be continuously updated to make sure our users receive the latest content from your mall.

Expand your reach!

As well as exposing your mall to the growing numbers of users on our site, we can help you gain more customers using modern advertising methods such as e-mail newsletters and social media posts!


Every shopping mall, store and product is meticulously mapped and located to help our users find and purchase any items that they want to buy. Opening times and directions will also be available.

Data feeds

Our platform can read, run and process millions of products from data feeds similtaniously by using files such as XML, CSV, JSON or any over data source. An account manager can even update or enter data manually if needed.

Automatic Updates

For stores with a large and constantly changing inventory, our system will analize and update any changes automatically and regularly.


For smaller stores, a Self Store Service is available so that an account manager can manually update and change their products.

Affiliate Stores

Here are just a few stores that are currently active on our platform.

Nike Store
Kjell & Company
Disney Store
River Island
Clas Ohlson
The Body Shop

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